Dr M R Patel has given tremendous contribution in research & writing in various areas like History and Patidar Community.During his academic service as a Professor in Gujarat University’s School of Social Science he wrote several books which has been published by U.G.C University Grants Commission of India is a statutory body set up by the Indian Union Government and many of them is a part of curriculum of Master of Arts Gujarat University.

List of Published Books written by Dr M R Patel & Published by University Grants Commission,Gujarat University & Gujarat State Text Book Board.

1 International Relations 1945-1960 (The University Book Production Board State 1979)

2 National Movement and its Pioneers (The University Book Production Board State 1979)

3 World Revolutions and National Movement (Gujarat University 1980)

4 Dictatorships Fascism and Nazism (The University Book Production Board State 1983)

5 The French Revolution and Napoleon (The University Book Production Board State 1985)

6 Madam Cama (Gujarat State Textbook Board Gandhinagar 1989)

7 Short History of France (Gujarat University)

8 His Phd Thesis on C.S.I Rao Bahadur Bechardas Ambaidas Laskari (1818- 1989) a Biographical study
Of the social and Industrial Leader of Gujarat. was also published by (Gujarat University with support of U.G.C )

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