Dr M R Patel has given tremendous contribution in research & writing in various areas like History,Drama and Patidar Community.During his academic service as a Professor in Gujarat University’s School of Social Science he wrote several books which has been published by U.G.C University Grants Commission of India is a statutory body set up by the Indian Union government and many of them is a part of curriculum of Master of Arts Gujarat University.

List of Published Books by University Grants Commission,Gujarat University & Gujarat State Text Book Board.

International Relations 1945-1960 (The University Book Production Board State 1979)

National Movement and its Pioneers (The University Book Production Board State 1979)

World Revolutions and National Movement (Gujarat University 1980)

Dictatorships Fascism and Nazism (The University Book Production Board State 1983)

The French Revolution and Napoleon (The University Book Production Board State 1985)

Madam Cama (Gujarat State Textbook Board Gandhinagar 1989)

Short History of France (Gujarat University)

His Phd Thesis on C.S.I Rao Bahadur Bechardas Ambaidas Laskari (1818- 1989) a Biographical study
Of the social and Industrial Leader of Gujarat. was also published by (Gujarat University with support of U.G.C)

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