Research Papers

1. Female Infanticide in the Patidar Community ‘Vidya’ (University Journal 1982)

2. Impact of National songs on the Bardoli Satyagrah (University Journal 1982)

3. Interviews with the Eminent Freedom Fighters Cassettes (Oral History section Gujarat University)

4. ‘The Maharaj Libel Case and Karsandas Mulji’. (Gujarat Itihas Parishad Surat 1983)

5. Paper on ‘The Role of Women in National Movement’ (S.N.D.T University,Bombay- 1985)

6. Paper on ‘The Role of Congress in National Movement’ (Indian History Congress- Chidambaram 1984)

7. Paper on Rao Bhadur Bechardas Laskari & The Ahmedabad Cotton Textile Industry in mid  19th Century. Published in

(Proceeding of the 47th session on the Indian History Congress Srinagar-1986)

8. Kutch Kadva Patidar  Samaj Ane Sudhara Pravruti(1885-1930)’ Vol.13. No.3-4,

(B.J Institute of Learning and Research , Ahmedabad- 1987)

9.  ‘Hindu Religion and the Problem of Social and Emotional Integration in India.

10. A case Study of the Swaminarayan Sect in the 19th century Gujarat’  (25th Session of Institute of Historical Study - Calcutta 1986)

11. ‘In the Name Goddess: Gujarati Garba and the Quit India Movement’

(Golden Jubilee Session of Indian History Congress -Nov.1987 &  Published in Proceedings)

12. ‘Gujarati Rangbhoomi Na Gito Ma Rashtravad ‘ (Gujarat Itihas Parishad – Anand 1989)



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